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A composed salad of sweet beets and ripe tomatoes makes a winning starter. When tomatoes are out of season, use wedges of cooked beets for a satisfying addition to green salads. Beets, like many other vegetables, come in a large assortment of colors. At the market, you’ll find the familiar ruby red along with golden, pale pink, ivory and even striped ones.

Yes, I’ll admit to a somewhat obsessive fondness for this earthy root vegetable, with its myriad possibilities. When you get me going, I’m a regular beet booster. Brighten your day with a steaming bowl of borscht, rich with crimson-stained vegetables in a savory beef broth, topped with sour cream. Or eat the soup cold for lunch, and brighten the next day.

I recommend sliced yellow beets in a zippy mustard-seed dressing for a perfect first course at home or a fine desk lunch. It couldn’t be easier to put together and keeps for days.

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