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PinDominator Review

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Many  Internet Marketers underrate Pinterest in its power to be used as an effective digital marketing tool. Considering Pinterest user base of 70 million along with the credit of being the fastest growing social media platform in the world, there is immense potential for businesses to tap Pinterest effectively to visually advertise their products, drive traffic to a website and boost sales.

There are very few  pinterest automation tools available on the market and PinDominator rules the land. I really love the Dominator house.Their tools are Top notch and wallet friendly.


Auto Pin/ Schedule on boards

Schedule/ post pins on multiple boards completely autopilot.

Auto Repin

Start auto repinning pins in your niche by keywords, by any board URL, user, or specified pins only.

Auto Follow

Auto follows users in your niche by keywords or by their usernames. Also, you can follow followers of another user by specifying the username.

Auto Like

Auto like pins in your niche by keywords or randomly or specified pins only.

Auto Comment

Auto comment on pins in your niche by keywords or randomly or specified pins only.

Add Pins from your Computer or URL

Computer or URL whatever is suitable you can use that. Schedule your pins and post on the best time.

Board Invite

Mass invite people to your board.

User Scraper

Scrape followers or followings of any user.

Pin Scraper

Scrape pins of any board by given board URL with images.


Unfollow users who not followed you back. Keep active followers only by unfollowing users who have a low number of followers.

Mass Edit Pin Description

Mass edit description of your posted pins.

Campaign Manager

Easily create different campaigns for different process and run them all together.

Accounts Manager

Easily manage your multiple accounts for various activities.


I Couldn’t find any.

The only Software which works on both Windows and Mac OS

32 bit and 64 bit compatible

I would recommend this bot to anybody who wants to get into the Pinterest game.

PinDominator Pricing


$9.95per month
  • Unlimited Pinterest Accounts
  • Unlimited Pinterest Campaigns
  • Unlimited Activity


$79.95per month
  • Unlimited Pinterest Accounts
  • Unlimited Pinterest Campaigns
  • Unlimited Activity
Whats the format of account uploads with/without proxies ?

Every File what we upload is text (.txt) file. Accounts format will be Username:Password For ex: ajay2407@yahoo.com:1234567
If Assigning proxies to accounts then it should be :

Which type of proxies can we use with the software?

Our software is compatible with any http proxies,public or private but we recommend you to use private proxies.

What to fill in licensing window details?

Once you download & install setup you can use free trial for 3 days fill all these details.
UserName : Your Skype Id
Password : Your Choice
Transaction id : pdfreetrial
Email : Your email

What should be the minimum VPS configuration for running our software?

Here are the specifications for the VPS to run our software —
Depending on how many accounts you want to run you can choose to get a VPS from 2Gb to 16Gb of RAM.
30Gb Hdd ( you’ll have around 11Gb free after the OS is installed)


For Windows VPS, I would highly recommend kvchosting.net

I have been using these guys for years and never had a single issue.

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