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RedditDominator Review

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Reddit, self-proclaimed as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’, is one of the most fascinating places online where people love things that are unique, funny, interesting, and cute to discover and share. Reddit is highly underrated and should be in every internet marketer’s arsenal.

With very few automation tools available in the market. Redditdominator  dominates the market.

After the latest algorithm, they have perfected this software.



Accounts Manager

Upload multiple Reddit accounts to the dashboard, assign different proxies to each, and check every minute information and manage them all with ease.

Comment & Vote

Stay active and engage with your prospects. Just automate the act of commenting and upvoting their posts and strengthen your bond.

Text & URL Submitter

Automatically submit your content on Reddit. Be it text or URL, you can post them with a title from the selected Subreddit.

URL Scraper

Searching for prospects on Reddit? Scrape data from Reddit by keywords and other options available and know your prospects.

Multiple Proxy Enabler

Hide yourself from Reddit while you automate your actions and scraping data. Your accounts are completely safe from being blocked with the support of multiple proxy enablers.

DBC Settings

Captchas can’t stop you from automating your Reddit activities. Use DBC (Death By Captcha) service on Redditdominator to automatically solve the captchas.



No manipulation of upvotes


The only Software which works on both Windows and Mac OS

32 bit and 64 bit compatible.

RedditDominator Pricing


$9.95per month
  • Unlimited Reddit Accounts
  • Unlimited Reddit Campaigns
  • Unlimited Activity


$79.95per Annum
  • Unlimited Reddit Accounts
  • Unlimited Reddit Campaigns
  • Unlimited Activity
whats the format of account uploads with/without proxies ?

Every File what we upload is text (.txt) file. Accounts format will be Username:Password For ex: abc@yahoo.com:1234567
If Assigning proxies to accounts then it should be :

What to fill in licensing window details?

Once you download & install setup you can use free trial for 3 days fill all these details.
Username:your skype username/name
Password:your wish
Transaction id: rdfreetrial
Email: your email

Which type of proxies can we use with the software?

Our software is compatible with any http proxies,public or private but we recommend you to use private proxies.

What should be the minimum VPS configuration for running our software?

Here are the specifications for the VPS to run our software —
Depending on how many accounts you want to run you can choose to get a VPS from 2Gb to 16Gb of RAM.
30Gb Hdd ( you’ll have around 11Gb free after the OS is installed)

For Windows VPS, I would highly recommend kvchosting.net

I have been using these guys for years and never had a single issue.

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